Customer Success Manager - Sweden

Sebratec is a technology company developing innovative solutions for the future from Sweden, the Netherlands and Brazil. Our purpose is to transform people’s life through personalized and intelligent systems. We want to become a global reference company for Intelligent Software and Embedded Systems development – but to achieve this we know that Sebratec needs to have the right people onboard. Therefore, we are now looking for our next Customer Success Manager to join the team in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The role as Customer Success Manager at Sebratec

  • At Sebratec we are all about getting things done. For you as a Customer Success Manager this translates into always being in close partnership with our clients and consultants. Regular meetings with both clients and consultants is a part of you daily work, fostering and extracting as much information as possible to create a long-term relationship.
  • We believe that each customer is unique. On the client side it means that you are responsible for understanding their business needs and creating tailored solutions accordingly. Your focus is on upsell, expansion and maintenance - driving growth at the client. On the consultant side it means setting up goals, creating tailored developments and career plans. Our focus is always to add value for both.
  • Bottom line, what you as a Customer Success Manager have as a goal is to drive growth and increase the lifetime value of our existing clients. You are also responsible for the career development of our consultants working at the clients. We will support you in the process, but this is a role where you create your own path. We won’t hold your hand every step of the way (because we believe in you and know what you are capable of), but we promise to celebrate your achievements in an awesome way!
  • As a Customer Success Manager in Sweden, you will be focusing specifically on Sebratec’s On-site Consultancy Services.

What core values do we all share at Sebratec?

  • At Sebratec we are all Open-Minded. This means that we are always looking for new perspectives on how to move forward. There is always room for change and how to do things in a new way.
  • We never stand still and there is Constant Improvement happening all around us. Things can always be better, what works today might not work tomorrow.
  • We see People as Keys for success. Wherever people come from, they should be treated the same, adding value and focusing on what they are the best in.

What should you as a Customer Success Manager already know?

  • You need to know how to drive growth and increase lifetime value of clients. Setting up sales pipelines is therefore part of the job.
  • Experience of having close contact with consultants or employees, creating clear development and career plans for the people working with us.
  • You already know how to organize work on your own, creating a clear plan of how to achieve the goals we have created.
  • Basic understanding of technologies (Cloud, AI, Software Development, Embedded Systems etc) is really good to make the job easier. But this is also something we can teach you!
  • We are a global company, and we all speak several languages. For you it is mandatory to have excellent communication skills in Swedish and English.

If you can see yourself in this role – please apply know or reach out to our tech recruiters to set up a conversation. We will gladly talk about why you should come and work with us!